Incheon International Airport 6009 Bus Stop Route Sign
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How to Get from Incheon Airport to Gangnam Station

The last thing anyone wants to worry about is arriving in Seoul, Korea and not knowing how to get from Incheon Airport to Gangnam Station. The cheapest and most hassle free way to get to Gangnam Station is by taking an Airport Limousine. The Airport Limousine is essentially an upscale bus that features seats that recline, individual air conditioning vents, reading lights and window shades that makes stops like a traditional city bus. Here’s a step by step guide on how to take an Airport Limousine to Gangnam Station the minute you land.

STEP 1: Find a Bus Ticket Office

Incheon International Airport Bus Ticket Office Locations

The second you walk out into the passenger terminal arrival area at Incheon International Airport, find your way to a Bus Ticket Office. There are two inside Bus Ticket Offices (light blue) and seven outside Bus Ticket Offices (dark blue) as indicated on the map below.

STEP 2: Buy an Airport Limousine Bus Ticket

Ask the ticket office attendant for a ticket on the #6009 bus to Gangnam Station (강남역, pronounced “gahhng nam yuck”). If the ticket office attendant doesn’t understand English, simply say or show her this:

강남역 티켓주세요. #6009 버스. (Please give me a ticket to Gangnam Station. Bus #6009.)

Pronounced: “gahhng nam yuck tee ket joo sae yo. yook chun koo buh soo.”

Korea Beast Tip: Use your fingers to signal how many tickets you need while saying or showing the ticket office attendant the sentence above. That way the ticket office attendant won’t have any reason to ask you how many tickets you need in Korean and you not realizing what they’re saying.

The ticket office attendant may suggest the #6020 bus but we suggest you take the #6009 bus because it makes the least amount of stops before arriving at Gangnam Station.

Bus Number (번호): 6009
Bus Fare (요금): 15,000 Won
Bus Ride Length: About 1 Hour
Bus Frequency (배차간격): Every 15 to 20 Minutes
First Bus Leaving Airport (첫차): 4:10 AM
Last Bus Leaving Airport (막차): 11:00 PM

STEP 3: Find the Airport Limousine Bus Stop

Incheon International Airport Bus Ticket Office Locations

Check your bus ticket for the bus stop number where you will be picked up. The #6009 bus usually picks up passengers going to Gangnam Station at bus stop #5A or 11B but this can change so make sure you confirm the bus stop number. The Airport Limousine Bus Stops can be found in the red areas as indicated on the map above.

Incheon International Airport 6009 Bus Stop Route Sign

Once you reach the red areas on the map above, look for the #6009 sign as shown above. This will be where you will catch the bus to Gangnam Station. This particular bus stop sign was located at bus stop #5A.

STEP 4: Boarding the Airport Limousine Bus

When the Airport Limousine arrives, the bus driver will first ask for your bus ticket and which stop you want to get off at. Simply tell the bus driver.. “Gangnam Yuk”, which means Gangnam Station.

STEP 5: Loading Your Luggage on the Airport Limousine Bus

Bus Luggage Sticker Incheon Airport Korea

After taking your bus ticket, the bus driver will help you load your non carry-on luggage into the under-carriage of the bus. The bus driver will attach a sticker to your luggage and give you the other half of that sticker. This luggage sticker is used to identify your belongings when you get off so make sure you keep it in a safe place. After your confirm that your luggage is on board, make your way onto the bus and find a seat.

Korea Beast Tip: When finding a seat, make sure you’re aware of which side the sun is on. Choosing a seat that’s on the same side with the sun will be brighter and potentially warmer than sitting on the opposite side of the bus.

STEP 5: Get Off at Gangnam Station

Gangnam Station is the 5th of 13 bus stops after leaving from Incheon International Airport. When the bus leaves the 4th bus stop (Sinnonhyun Station), make sure to pull on the stop cord hanging across the bus windows to signal the bus driver to make the next stop at Gangnam Station.

Korea Beast Tip: If you feel like taking a nap during the bus ride, set you cell phone alarm to go off in 30 minutes. This will ensure that you don’t miss the Gangnam Station stop.